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When looking for a host you may be a little unsure about weather you want a Windows Host or a Unix Host. One thing you will want to consider is which is more important to you: the stability of your hosting account or how easy it is to use. Unix servers are often more stable and have better utime than Windows based servers. However, Windows servers are usually easier to use and to adminster.

Unix is very stable and secure. But it can be seem overwhelming for new users to learn and understand. For sites that will be dynamic and if you are going to use Perl, you will want a Unix operating system. You may also want to use Unix for PHP and Pythlon. You should use Windows if you are going to use an ASP based site.

For the most part, Unix and Windows hosted web sites perform about the same.

Who else has input on this?


Unix Unix and Unix, the important is the satisfaction of the visitor with a fast loading pages and fast working scripts. Linux is also nice for running servers as a lot of brand companies have switched their servers to Linux. And moreover they are more secured than windows.


Uisng linux hosting, you can make use of the open source software available out there and mysql for your database. There should be way much made for linux scripts than windows one.

And should be cheaper than windows based hosting.


The explanation given by K is quite sufficient to decide on "which to choose". I think from the hosting perspective it doesn't bother at all if you decide on windows or linux. Only if you want to use some softwares on the webpage which supports windows then surely you will need windows hosting. For more information on the webhosting tutorials you will get them here.


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It depends on budget.

Unix servers of the same spec will give more performance.
If you have to pay Microshite for the windows server licenses spending more money on your unix linux harware will always give better results than the MS liscences.


I think Unix/Linux servers are more reliable and cheap comparing Windows ones.
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