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It's Game Time!

Hello everyone!

How are you guys doing now? I hope you have enjoyed a lot in contributing and learning at the same time here at WMS! But anyway, let's just talk about how to get what you really want in life, before going into the main topic, shall we?

Who among of you here are willing to have passive income?

For those of you who do not know what passive income is all about, let me try explain this to all of you. Working eight hours a day in an office is what we call linear income, meaning no work, no pay. If you are absent, you're not paid. However, if you have excellent suggestions to your boss that can boost up their company, your daily rate won't change. No matter what you do, that's where your only worth is. However, if you want to have a passive income stream of your own, the potential is limitless. It means that money works for you.

Let me tell you a bit about my own experience in dealing with income. When I was a newbie freelancer, my mindset was all about working for money, and I think that it is the only way for me to get my dreams. My father challenged me to increase my savings every month, and I did.

But for what?

I realized why he wanted me to save money, because its for the preparation of my future hospital bills someday. Although that reason is fine, but I had other reasons. I wanna make a decision that could give us more than what I've get.

This is why for those of you who don't want to have a passive income, I dare you not to read this article and go to other topics. But for those of you who wants to earn passive income for their families and experience time and financial freedom, I truly believe that this article is for you. Without further ado, I would like to give you my honest review about Untapped Passive Profits.

Anyway, let's get started with the review!

What is Untapped Passive Profits?

This is a step-by-step video course by Billy Darr on how you can earn passive income one day by using his unsaturated method. The goal here is to create niche books and publish it into a less competitive source on your own. I can tell you how simple is this for us to generate passive income one day. As what the mindset of a businessman was, we are not looking on today's income, but rather looking on what would be our future if we keep making short niche books over and over again. I can say that this is a decent way for us to generate passive income online, but may take some time and effort to make it work. I also have the complete OTOs with me, and I wanna reveal them to you.

There are three OTOs in this product, and I want to reveal them to you one-by-one:

OTO #1: Complete list of hot and unsaturated niches

I also have this OTO which is a PDF with a huge list of hot and unsaturated niches that you can use to make this method work. This will help you save time in thinking what niche would you like to start off.

OTO #2: Complete list of his eBooks that made him more than $2,500+ in just 3 days

He is also giving you his own eBooks (both PDF and Word) that made him $2,500+ in just a few days, so that you can get ideas on what kind of content style is he doing to make this work.

OTO #3: Skype 1-on-1 coaching with the product seller himself

This is the most expensive OTO of this product, and it cost you around $197. If you want to go over the shoulder and become successful like Billy Darr, this is your chance to go 1-on-1 coaching with him on Skype. He will fully guide you on how he is earning so much money with Untapped Passive Profits.

Ok I want to reveal you now the pros and cons of Untapped Passive Profits:


* The methods are easy to follow and implement

The step-by-step videos are very easy for us to follow and take action, and it is also achievable as well.

* Book publishing source is relatively new but powerful

I was blown away with this part because the book publishing site is something that I've never seen before, but very powerful indeed.


* This is a tedious work unless you have money to outsource on content and eBook cover

If you're going to do this alone, I think it might take you few hours to publish your first niche book, and you will be doing lots of writing on this. If you wanna do this quicker, outsource it to somebody.


I would give Untapped Passive Profits a 4.5 out of 5 rating. The value being given here by Billy Darr is tremendous, even though that this is a tedious work and needs a lot of typing or using a voice recognition software to create book content for yourself.


Content Writer
This site is very tempting and the registration does not cost that much. It also comes with an easy to understand tutorials that is why it is very effective for newbies who want to make it big online.


It's Game Time!
This site is very tempting and the registration does not cost that much. It also comes with an easy to understand tutorials that is why it is very effective for newbies who want to make it big online.
What do you mean it's tempting @masterbusiness? Can you explain what is really tempting on the Untapped Passive Profits course? Look man, I bought this myself and I have already gone over the whole video course, and it's a pretty legit way to do this method once and for all. It may be an old school type method, but the source is something new to me and it can give me some potential to take advantage on the source that was given already in the method. My partner actually bought this course for me, as he purchased two front end licenses (one for him and one for me). Don't make statements if you are not sure on what you are saying man.