Urgent Help With External Hard Drive

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Please bear with my I am new to this forum, I have searched and I don't think this has been covered, but apologises if it has.

So the problem...

I have been using my external hard drive now for about a year, it's a 250gb one.

Literally all my photos, music, videos. memories etc are on it.

Recently I have been turning my computer off by the wall, which I thought it was safe to.

Last night I turn on my external hard drive and connected it into the pc and it popped up saying "The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" and instead of it being called External Hard Drive it came up as Local Disk.

So I thought no problem i'll plug it into another free usb slot, but the same still happens.

I opened up the external casing and removed the hard drive and installed it into another caddy that I have, but still the same message still pops up.

Can someone please help me?

Please tell me I haven't lost all the information on it, it has very personal information and lots of memories!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Yellow Belt
NEVER TURN OFF AT THE WALL (unless you have done a graceful shutdown of your PC and hard drive)

You can cause huge power spikes and damage your data.

anyway back to the issue at hand.

Google for easy recovery pro and download it (not from the official site as it charges (weird))

This will rack as much data off as possible but filenames and folders will be lost. Your pics will say stuff like FIL0001.jpg and be in a folder of other jpgs etc. You can then harvest what you want.

Do you have the data stored anywhere else as a backup. Relying solely on a single drive for your data is not a good practice, if the device fails all is lost (as you've seen)

Try the data recovery tool EasyRecoveryPro. Should sort you out

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