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Selling Usa Dedicated Servers Hosting With 24/7/365 Support

Discussion in 'Exclusive Web Hosting Deals' started by Leasedlayer, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Leasedlayer

    White Belt

    Apr 18, 2017
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    USA Dedicated Servers - Onshore Servers Premium Servers

    Leasedlayer USA Dedicated Servers USA dedicated servers provided with broad-range of server configurations to prefer. The highly configured dedicated servers are dwelling in the world-class datacenter in Manassas, VA in USA. Our bare metal servers are the best suitable to host every kind of application ranging from a small blog to the established and high-traffic websites.

    Features of USA Dedicated Servers

    * Fastest Network Connectivity
    * Round-the-Clock Support
    * 24/7/365 Priority Support
    * Reliability at its Best
    * Advanced Facilities
    * TIER III+Datacenters

    Best of USA Dedicated Servers Plan for Single CPU Servers
    Product/Service: USA Single CPU Servers - Intel xeon X3440
    Processor : HP DL120G6/INTEL QUAD-CORE XEON X3440
    RAM : 4GB RAM
    HDD : 2x500GB SATA
    Port : 100Mbps
    Bandwidth : 10TB
    Datacenter : Evoswitch
    Price : 56.99 euros/month.

    Best of USA Dedicated Servers Plan for Dual CPU Servers
    Product/Service: USA Dual CPU Servers - Intel xeon E5645
    Processor : HP DL180G6 / 2 × INTEL HEXA-CORE XEON E5645
    RAM : 32GB RAM
    Disk Space : 2x1TB SATA
    Port : 100Mbps
    Bandwidth : 10TB
    Datacenter : Evoswitch
    Price : 155.99 euros/month.

    Know more on USA Dedicated Server Plans

    Verified Payment Modes
    Paypal | Payza | Perfect Money | Skrill

    Thank You.

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