My Suggestion Use Private Domain Registration To Keep Your Website / Domain Information Confidential.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
We experience that sometimes we started receiving spams in our emails related to the domain renewal, expiration and marketing even when we have never shared the email information of our website.

There are market seekers, domain explorers and other who always keep an eye on website traffic, domain registration and rest of all the activities that are associated with your domain.

WhoIs have their own database, in which any user or visitor can find all the information about the domain from contact email, domain registration , domain renewal and domain expiration details , and even the postal address.

Subscribing the Private Domain Registration feature, helps you to keep your information safe and secure and thus results in out of reach from the one who always have the eye on domains traffic.

PDR, helps your information to be hidden , so that no one can reach your contact address to send you spam or to cause your business services in any regards.

My suggestion would be if you own a domain, subscribe today for PDR and make your domain secure and get your information hidden from scammers or phishing activities.


It's Game Time!
I absolutely agree on this one @Prasoon Arora about keeping our domains private once and for all. In GoDaddy, I think it costs me an additional $3.99 for that on top of my purchased domain. But since GoDaddy has coupons, I do have no problem in using them and I indeed save money. The reason why we need to set our domains to private is to protect out identity from other ones. As for me, I highly consider that to make my domains private than ever. One time, my niche domain that I purchased was a private one, and I see that it is hard for these spammers to email me of their scam services.