My 2 Cents Use Your Blogs To Earn More

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
Some blogs or support forum are now a days have good response in earning more money with membership system. These blogs or forums provide less information but meaningful for freebies and let readers subscribe for the full articles or same by offering paid membership. These articles acts as products, and add more revenue to the forum if are posted with real meaning and providing the information with all possible collection of knowledgeable facts.

Pooja Sharma

Well-Known Member
The content in blogs attract more subscribers only if these contents provide relevant information as required by users. If the content do not provide relevant information they may results to loss in revenue.It is recommended to have a look on activities of posts that are being shared so that they can add more knowledge and proper analysis of these posts may utilize the ratio of available posts to create more revenue.

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
It doesn't matter information is big or small, but information should be informative and knowledgeable then it will create good effect on your presentation, because you can make money in different ways.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
It is said that one single formula in mathematics, always have a solution to number of questions.This is the only reason which proves a piece of information can add a big solution to other's mistake. These formulae then in return are required by everyone and forms their own revenue to the creators.


Staff member
Well, the blogs that are been for education will get a lot of memberships easily. I thought to make such type of forum in the past, but there are already some forums that built free answers.
I don't think full article subscribing might get memberships because no one can't wait for researching another site to get answer.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
Ads can help to bring in some income on your website but it should not be the main income. This is because you will need a huge amount of traffic to reach your target revenue. You can increase your website's revenue by offering digital products such as ebook or offering subscription services where your customers pay a monthly fee, or sell your own physical products.


White Belt
Yes if your blog is very popular and its PR rating is good then you can earn money more with the help of your blog site.
Main advantage is you can create your blog website absolutely free for unlimited time.
And you can easily earn money with the online ads.