My 2 Cents User Interface Design For E-commerce Websites.

Pooja Sharma

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User Interface Design plays a major role in e-commerce as the website usability will also attract more customers. Buying from your website should be a simple deal for your customers. Your customer experience will depend on your website design. Never add too many links and graphics on the User Interface and keep it simple, never confuse your customers by bombing data on them.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
User interface is directly proportional to the e commerce revenue. The more attractive and simple user interface would be, more revenue would be generated.
It is recommended not to make your user interface complicated that users are unable to define the rules of navigation and your website is bounded with high bounce rate.


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It is user-interface that works all around in eCommerce sites, it is very important to attract customer towards your site only then they will come again and again , You have to provide user friendly service , call support and other attractive services to make your site successful. There is a large competition in market today. Your customers may easily migrate if there is a bit of negligence from your side towards them.