Users warned on Windows cursors

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Animated cursors could prove risky for Windows users, Microsoft has warned.

The software giant is investigating reports that the way Windows handles alternatives to the traditional arrow cursor can leave PCs open to attack.

By booby-trapping a website or e-mail attachment with code that exploits the flaw, malicious hackers could hijack a Windows PC.

Microsoft warned users to be wary of attachments and urged them to update security software to combat the threat.

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Malicious hackers are already known to be exploiting the flaw according to reports from the Sans Internet Storm Center.

In an alert, Sans said several security firms had seen evidence of websites being set up, hosting code that can exploit the bug. Information about it is being spread on bulletin boards malicious hackers are known to frequent.

PC users could fall victim by opening a booby-trapped attachment on an e-mail or by visiting a website that is hosting the code.

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