My Experience Using Cbengine To Analyze And Pick Clickbank Products Easily


It's Game Time!

Hello everyone!

I know you guys are already busy in doing some stuff, but I would really like to share another experience of mine. This is meant for everyone who is using Clickbank as one of their affiliate programs to promote like no other. Clickbank has been online for more than a decade, and it is going stronger like no other. You know the reason why? It is because I am one of those who got paid by Clickbank, and even received my very first check during that time. But that was way back 2010. To prove that I did received my check and cleared it to my old passbook account before, here is my own blurry picture with the check.

Hard to believe, huh? It was 5 years ago, and I was holding a $179 check right in front of me after a month of waiting. I really thought that Clickbank was a fraud and a lie, but it was proven that they're not. To prove that, I opened a passbook account where they can accept Clickbank checks for good. Sad to say that I need to wait for 45 business days to clear it and getting credited to my own passbook account. I leaped in joy and I remembered that i treat my family with something because of my very first Clickbank check. Sad to say, I didn't last long with Clickbank though because I have lack of motivation and direction. During that time, I wasn't reading motivational and inspirational books. If I didn't underestimate in reading self-help and business books, I would have been banking a lot with Clickbank and receive checks consistently.

But it's not yet too late though, as I still can make a comeback with this great affiliate network and become better than before. One of the reasons why I made money with Clickbank even in an inconsistent basis is because of CBEngine itself.

What is CBEngine?

This is a website where you can search for more details about Clickbank products before promoting them. What makes them different compare to searching on the default Clickbank marketplace itself? It is because they have more features and details that are not present on Clickbank like upcoming new products, gravity increase or decrease, refund rates and a whole lot more. It also reveals the top Clickbank vendors who are making a great impact in the marketplace. As you can see in the upper left corner, those product vendors are on the top seller list. They have higher gravity as you imagined, so it means they are selling very well and people are liking the product. It means that more and more Clickbank affiliates are promoting their products. This is why CBEngine is a great place for you to find products on Clickbank that are hot and worth of your time to promote once and for all.

Without further ado, I would like to share now my whole experience with CBEngine in analyzing and picking Clickbank products for good:

Ok then, here's my own CBEngine experience once and for all....

When I have started my affiliate marketing review blog before, I admitted that I have difficulties in choosing Clickbank products. I ignored their stats as I cared less about it, so I just simply pick any product related to affiliate and internet marketing. Here's the surprising part. The products that I actually picked were low gravity ones, and I had no idea about it. I promoted them one by one, giving time to do a product review based on my opinion. I spend my time after work to write long product reviews, do on-page SEO, building backlinks and wait for the profits. In my own experience, I didn't made money with it and asked my good ol' friend Daniel Lew why.

He coached me a bit about selecting Clickbank products through visiting CBEngine, and it opened my eyes again. So from the time I used Clickbank to earn some good ol' money with the help of CBEngine, it's completely a game changer for me and I made money till I received my very first Clickbank check. Right now, as I am going back to Clickbank, I have learned a lot and be better this time, along with the help of CBEngine. Best of all, it's easy and fast to grab affiliate links there too by simply entering my Clickbank ID.

Is it also necessary for you to use CBEngine as well?

If you are serious to make money on Clickbank, CBEngine is too much to ignore for good. You know why? It saves you a lot of time to analyze before selecting the product. Try it for yourself guys!