Furqan Rashid

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HTML is basic programming language and is used frequently in web development. I started using HTML in notepad but later I found that there are various programming software which makes it easier for the programmer to code any thing. I would recommend the new bies to use Dreamweaver for coding HTML and other programming languages.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
HTML codes have been tough dealing with the notepad. After Dreamweaver is launch, it made the same coding effecting and less working in context to a better output.
You will have the output result at the same time on the right section and changing will be made in the left section. This gives a real time look.
Rather before with notepad, every time you change the code you need to execute it that was cumbersome.

Bilal Nasir

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Dreamweaver is one of the perfect software's for having a good interaction with HTML. First of all, It have got two main features:
1. Simplicity
2. User Friendly Platform
The Dreamweaver allows us to have a good development as it is time saving because it allows the user to have the look at the same time.


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Dreamweaver is the oldest software to design html pages and in these days themes are coming in programming languages. I use pspad to write codes and chrome for correcting errors in themes. First time I used Dream weaver and Front page for designing websites.

steve taylor

White Belt
When I practice HTML code then I use text editor like Sublime text, it is not best text editor but it can be used. HTML coding without any software become very lengthy because we have to add various text to develop a simple webpage. If you want to develop a simple webpage then Dreamweaver is the best option.