Using free SMS services for your business

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Free SMS services
I just had another thread about free SMS services and about their usage in Romania, the country I live in.

Send free SMS ? ...or allow sending of free SMS

Now let me put the matter a bit different : Would you use free SMS services for your promotion ?

Marketing your products
For example you are a new launched company or you have a new product that you would like to promote aggressive in the beginnings. You have the option to allow other send free SMS but at the end of each free text message there will be the URL of your website for example and a short description of your new product or company.

I think this way of marketing your products offline sounds quite interesting.

I wonder what you think about the usage of such a service ?

Would you allow other to send free SMS in order to promote your self, your company of your products ?


Re: Using free SMS services for your business.

Good way of marketing, where business people can send SMS and can introduce their product to make their business and to develop it.
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