Using Images to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

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If you are an online business owner then you must read this article. You could be losing hundreds or thousands of visitors each and every day. Did you know that millions of people are using the web to find pictures of Old Faithful, a '69 Mustang or a cartoon drawing of Bill Clinton? There are potential customers searching for graphics of your products and services right now. Are you capturing their business?

The major search engines have been collecting images from websites and sorting them by topics, keywords and alt tags. Are you optimizing your images properly to take advantage of this free advertising?

Google's Image Search forms about 12% of its regular search queries. That's a lot of searching for graphics. To give you an example, Google's Image Search accounts for more queries than's regular queries. If your online business lends itself to photos, that percentage could mean a jump to 25-40% of your traffic.



A good tip.

I had used it in past to raise the traffic from time to time.
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