My 2 Cents Using linkedin to promote website?


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I run a website that I'm working hard to promote and a friend recently told me about LinkedIn.

I've of course heard about the site before and have seen their logo all over the place but I've never actually thought about using it.

My friend owns an AC repair business and he says that LinkedIn works fairly well for him.

Do you think it would work the same way with a website?

Has anyone here had any luck promoting websites on LinkedIn?



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Yes LinkedIn works fine for all.
In fact individual Experienced Persons, Professionals, Business Companies has almost use well defined Profile on LinkedIn to attract and target their audience.
But it has same benefits for all to get positive results and online tasks like other social networks.

Zirkon Kalti

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I get a lot of invitations to join LinkedIn on my email. I know most of the LinkedIn users are business owners or professionals with certain skills. LinkedIn can be used to market your products to those who are in the same niche. For example, if you are a professional web designer, your target audience for the LinkedIn ads will be the web design companies who have profiles on LinkedIn.


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I have never used LinkedIn for marketing even though I have a LinkedIn profile. This is something which got totally ignored since I did not have an idea of how important this can be for traffic and SEO. I will need to read up more about LinkedIn to start utilizing that professional social network for marketing. If anyone has experience using LinkedIn please let me know what niche you used it for and how was your experience with LinkedIn.


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Linkedin is a ssocial media platform that has the highest numbers of active users than only any other social networks, which means more people are active on LinkedIn than on facebook, pinterest, twitter etc. LinkedIn is a platform to promote your professional face, whereas facebook is a platform to share your personal side. You can share your business on LinkedIn because it reaches professional and not any tom dick and harry like on facebook