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My Suggestion Verified Wallets-purchase 24/7

Discussion in 'Shopping Cart Software or Services' started by StarBoss, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. StarBoss

    StarBoss New Member

    Jul 20, 2018
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    Verified / Identified Wallets 24/7 ONLINE
    Buy purse PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, Okpay, Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, Epayments.
    Buy purse Perfect mani, Adv Cash, Peer, Okpej, Kiwi, Yandex, WebMani, Neteller, Scrill, Epeyments.
    Reduced price list:
    1. ADV CASH RUS 26$
    2. ADV CASH RUS 35$ mail client
    3. ADV CASH EUR 68$
    7. PAYEER RUS 26$
    8. PAYEER EUR 68$
    9. OKPAY (MoneyPolo) RUS 26$
    10. PAYZA BUSINESS 98$
    11. PAYZA PERSONAL 26$
    12. YANDEX 29$
    13. QIWI to your Russian number 29$
    14. QIWI to your Ukr number 37$
    15. QIWI without sms confirmations 35$
    16. SKRILL RUS 35$
    17. SKRILL EUR 69$
    18. NETELLER RUS 35$
    19. NETELLER EUR 69$
    20. WEB MONEY personal 450$
    21. WEB MONEY formal 35$
    22. WEB MONEY elementary 118$
    23. EPAYMANTS RUS 28$
    24. CAPITALIST RUS 28$
    25. PAXUM RUS to order.
    26. Moneypolo RUS to order.
    27. Epayservices to order.
    28. Wpay 35$ to order.
    29. SolidTrustPay to order.
    30. Pay Pall 35$ to order.

    For wholesale buyers, there is a progressive discount scale:
    От 5шт -10%
    От 10шт-15%
    От 15шт-20%
    От 20шт-25%
    От 25шт-30%
    Business wallets are custom-made.
    EPAYMANTS cards are custom-made.
    Our contacts:
    Telegram: @direkt0r
    Email: x-million@tutanota.com
    Email: 9000.online@gmail.com
    Skype: Epte_shit
    ICQ: 695129934
    Automatic store: x-million.com
    I do not check the personal messages. I do not follow the reviews. The topic is relevant. We have been working since 201X.
    Binding the phone + 3 $.
    We recommend attaching your phone number, as in most cases it serves to restore a forgotten password.
    1. The kit includes: mail + password, account + password from the wallet, scan the home page of the passport, safety recommendations.
    2. Accepted for payment: Perfect Money, kiwi, bitcoin, peer, adwanded cash, yandex, etherium.
    3. Regulations for the delivery of goods: Within 1-24 hours after payment.
    4. Delivery occurs back to the same contacts where the request for purchase came from.
    5. There are kiddies to buy more than 5 accounts at the same time.
    6. It is also possible to purchase documents separately for verification, but not always. On request.
    7. The presence of wallets to clarify, because there are intermediate moments, when bought out, and new in the process.
    8. The prices should be specified, since they can vary.
    9. Materials are used, only people who have agreed to use their data.
    10. For all other purses that are not on the list, delivery time is valid from 24 hours to 10 days, depending on the complexity and time of the check.
    The quality of our goods is ideal for you. Sell, Buy, Buy, Order, Buy wallets for HYIP projects,
    exchangers, monitoring, mlm, boxes, gambling, casino, for investment, exchange, sports betting, withdrawal of money without commission, etc.,
    receipt of funds for the work of the web master, payment for purchases or goods, trading on the exchange, etc. verified.
    Also we can offer to buy documents for self-verification of payment systems. (Availability must be specified)
    We work 24/7/365 online

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