Very cheap advertising on site with 15,000 uniques daily

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Hello, since I am new here I decided to post a few good deals I am giving out for my website, . It is a humor/ SFW site that pulls in tons of traffic and also sends out a lot too.

If interested in any plan please email me or AIM me at:
AIM: Weissman4444

Plan #1: Awesome Sites link and Plugs
If your interested in having your website linked above all content, under Awesome Websites, you've come to the right place. We will put up a link to your website, saying anything you want it to. We also will plug any requested content (max amount of plugged pages is 3 a week) that you wish under the news. The news plugs send out anywhere between 400-2,000 unique visitors. This is a great way to get your website noticed, the best part is it is only $7.00 a week!

PRICE: $10.00 USD (P. Week)
Once Payment is made, send email to with details on link and plug, using the email you used to pay with paypal.

Plan #2: Side banner (170 x 180 pixels) and Plugs
I bet when you go to sleep at night you dream about all the visitors you will be getting a month with the side banner advertisement, I know I do. The banner will be placed on the side of negative shock for one month at a time, and you can use any image* you want. As long as the image is SFW, and appropriate we will use it. That also includes .swf formatted advertisements! We'd appreciate it if you kept the image to 170 x 180 pixels, if you want to go smaller then that its fine. This plan also comes with a website plug once a week, of any content you want! It will be newspost plugged, and will remain on the page for no less than three days.

PRICE: $15.00 USD (P. Week) $30.00 USD (P. Month)| Paypal to:

Plan #3: Top Banner Advertisement
Our most powerful advertising plan is by far the banner ads. The ad goes at the top of every single page, including media and jokes. This generates the most clicks, and gets your website noticed. This also comes with one news post plug a week if you would like it. The banner must be no larger then 468 x 80 pixels, and must not contain any NSFW images or words. Please keep the banners as safe for work as possible. If we feel your banner is too naughty we will modify it to our liking. This package is also available for 3 month and 6 month payouts! (6 months for $250.00 (you save 20.00)) (3 months for $130.00 (you save $5.00))

PRICE: $45.00 USD (P. Month) | Paypal to:


This is a great offer,i will soon contact you,i just need to finish our website new layout.
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