Positive Vidiodek Review


It's Game Time!

Are you into video marketing? Do you have a hard time ranking your own videos? Spending a lot of time creating them with any video production software? Outsourcing them through Fiverr or any other gig sites? Hire SEO service providers to rank your videos possibly through spreading backlinks with it?

But no results?

Here's the thing! You have spent a lot of money to create and rank tons of videos and trying to make things happen, but you didn't get the results you wanted. You also spend a lot of time testing, tweaking, over and over again, but you didn't get the results that you've expected either.

Don't worry guys! I was just like you before. I was doing video marketing ever since, but I gave up after publishing more than 50 niche videos on Youtube that I worked hard on it. I didn't made money with those videos, didn't ranked well and worse of all, competitors flagged my videos and kiss my Youtube account bye-bye. In the end, we all need to respond in a positive way, and we should always figure it out on how to

This is why I want to share my own honest review about a revolutionized video software known as VidioDek.

What is VidioDek?

This is a revolutionized state-of-the-art video marketing and SEO software that changes the entire game of doing video SEO. The creators of VidioDek, Lee Pennington and Mark Bishop, are one heck of a genius! You know why? All of those video creation and ranking problems, time consuming efforts and wasting lots of money through outsourcing on Fiverr and other gig sites are gone, because a state-of-the-art video creation and ranking software was finally launched and now available on the market for a limited time.

I can find VidioDek as one of my best investments ever in my arsenal. Good thing that I got their early bird special price for the main package, and upgraded myself for the Pro Monthly version. The reason I'm hooked up with VidioDek is because there's a whole lot of potential for me to generate results on my own. I decided to go for the Pro Monthly version because it allows me to create unlimited lightning fast videos per month, rather than 50 videos per month in the main package. Best of all, in Pro Monthly version, you have gained developers rights as well, so you can use your outside of the box thinking to make money creating videos for your clients.

What I really like about VidioDek anyways?

* Cloud-based video marketing software

There's no need for me to download it on my computer. I can simply access it anywhere I wanted to, as long I have the login details with me. VidioDek is a cloud-based video creation and ranker software, and we can start work a lot of videos from there without the need of external video makers.

* Easy and lightning fast three step process

They are giving us a lightning speed 3-step process that can let us create videos as fast as we can. All we got to do is simply follow the easy three step process, and repeat!

* Stunning slide templates and background audios

VidioDek also give us templates and background audios for us to use in our videos legally. In the Pro monthly version, you will get additional pro templates and background music with white label feature. That's freaking amazing!

* Decent built-in voice to text in five different accents or recording your own

If you totally suck in your voice, no worries! They have state-of-the-art built-in voice to text feature in five amazing accents. However, if your voice is good, you can record on your own with their software.

* Youtube and Wordpress integrated

Once you have finished creating your lightning fast video, there's no need for you to download, convert and upload it to your Youtube. You can simply upload the video directly from the cloud software to your Youtube account. They also have a VidioDek Wordpress plugin, and it's easy to use by copying text on your post and click "Generate Presentation" in a matter of seconds.

* Content curation and unstoppable ranking for your video

VidioDek has an amazing feature called CurateDek, as it will curate your video and rank it in no time. They have a powerful system inside where you can just upload your video and let them do all the ranking work on semi-autopilot.

* Recurring affiliate program

VidioDek currently offers 50% commission to their affiliates. What's good with VidioDek is that they have monthly and yearly plans, so this is your chance to promote this to your clients and I'm sure they gonna love it. The more recurring clients you have, the more commissions you will make every single month.

Here's one of the demo videos of VidioDek video marketing software:


I would give VidioDek a positive rating of 5 out of 5! The reason I am giving them this rating is because I used it myself and I am loving the user interface and how videos are created in a lightning fast speed. I would highly recommend this to all of you who are doing video marketing or video SEO. It will save you a lot of time and money with this powerhouse cloud-based video creation and ranking software.​