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Hello everyone!

I am now going to share my review about a well-known virtual assistant service called Virtual Helper 247. The CEO and owner of this company is no other than Daniel Lew, a good friend of mine. They have been operating this company for more than a year, and indeed they are growing strong until now.

They have almost 70 people employed to work with him in different areas (SEO, article writing, social media, data entry, graphic designing, Wordpress web development, video editing and a lot more) and most of the home-based VAs are from Philippines, while Dan communicated them via Skype as he's currently living in Thailand with his beautiful wife (I already met both of them last March personally in Manila).

When the company was still in their early months, I was contacted by him to work as a manager and to help promote his brand new company in exchange of recurring commissions, until I decided to resign from their company and taking myself a break.

This is our staff picture last March 2015 during the staff meetup at a "singing restaurant" in Manila, and I was there next to Dan standing (from right):


Anyway, enough of the introductions. Let's get things straight to the review, shall we?

Website Design - 5 out of 5

I see that their website was designed in a professional way. Last year, their design was different than today. But I admit that today's design of the website was improved into a whole new level and I am impressed that they have upgraded and attract a lot of customers worldwide. I can say that Dan did a great job in transforming his website into something interesting for good. As a result, I would give this a five.

Working Efficiency - 4 out of 5

I don't know about today, but I am going to share my own experience when it comes to working efficiency of the VAs. There are some VAs who are working hard and finish projects on time, and there are some who can't make it on time. I managed them during the time I worked with them, but there are others who are still having problems in terms of finishing the project on time and following instructions. But they are fast learners, and that is an advantage. Since the company now exist for over a year, I think these VAs are well-trained and experienced on their tasks, so I would give this a 4]four.

Product packages and prices - 5 out of 5

They have two packages, Standard and Premium on their special promo. The only difference between Standard and Premium are their additional features that you could benefit in the long run. Their prices are $297/month and $397/month respectively that includes 3 VAs, 1 manager and 160 hours a month of work combined. They also have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied about your results with them. I rated this 5 out of 5 because they are the cheapest and affordable VA service that I have ever seen in my life. There are several customers already who testified for real about the services, and most of them are satisfied to be honest.

Affiliate program - 5 out of 5

They are running their affiliate program through JVZoo, and they are giving us 15% commission on first purchase and 10% recurring commissions on succeeding purchases. During the time I am promoting Virtual Helper 247, I was having more than 10+ recurring customers and enjoying passive income on top of my salary as manager of the company. I would say that I can give this a five out of five.

Customer Support - 4 out of 5

I can say that their customer support is efficient and active as of the moment. I can't say that they're perfect and outstanding, but they are still on their way to finally become one. They will answer your questions mostly through Skype and email. I also acted as a customer support on top of my managerial work and as affiliate marketer before. Right now, I think the customers are online in a 24/7 basis. I can say to Dan that he's done a good job in taking action to improve the customer support, but still you have a long way to go before saying you're the best. They also have a Facebook fan page (just search that on Google or Facebook itself), so you might see their latest updates and reviews from real customers like no other. I'll give this a four out of five.

So my overall feedback for Virtual Helper 247 is this.....


Job well done Dan! I'm proud of you!

Dan has been struggling for so many years trying to come up with something consistent. He already launched several products on JVZoo, but his sales are not consistent. So far, Virtual Helper 247 is his biggest project and was successful on this one. I can say that they are getting bigger now and more clients are already recommending his VA service. What's great for this company now is that I heard that they are going to conduct a charitable project to help the people in the Philippines.

By the way, here is their sales video:

I hope you find this review helpful before trying out their services. I am still connected with the CEO, but I am no longer employed with them.

Note: This is not a paid review nor being requested or forced by the owner to do review for Virtual Helper 247. This is my own honest experience with them.
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