My 2 Cents Virtual Helper 247 Will Relaunch Their Business Next Week!


It's Game Time!

Hello entrepreneurs of WMS!

What's up to you guys? I would really hope that your business is doing well these days, and definitely you are on your way to success. By the way, for this thread that I am going to share to you today, I will be talking more once again about my buddy Daniel Lew's company Virtual Helper 247. By the way, I am not here to force you guys to decide to do business with them, because this is just a business update that I would like to share that could be a game changer to all of the local and international businesses worldwide.

Since 2009, me and Daniel Lew are already friends. Both of us have struggled during the early days until he finally came up with this company that he launched in the late of 2014. I was so happy that he never gave up of what he's been through, and I'm there to back him up no matter what. There are so many naysayers out there who think that Daniel Lew can't make it, but he proved them wrong. Once a small company of virtual assistants, and now it's going to be ten times bigger than you ever imagined. You know why? He partnered with one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia, who owns a huge SEO company in Australia and currently ranks first overall. He is no other than Nick Bell. They are averaging like more than 10 million dollars in revenue, and boy he is a beast!

By the way, here's Nick Bell's SEO company:

To prove that his company ranks #1 among the rest, here's the link below:

But first and foremost, is he the reason why Virtual Helper 247 is going to get bigger nowadays? Probably yes, because he's the best in his field. With him and Daniel Lew's skills are combined, they are going to be unstoppable. But what makes you think that Nick Bell decided to partner with Dan even though he is earning a lot of revenue from his own company?

As a businessman, we are hungry for more and not contented yet with what we have. This is what Nick has in mind, and he envisioned and believe that Virtual Helper 247 would become a big empire of high quality virtual assistants who can help local and international clients around the world once and for all.

I can say that Virtual Helper 247 is now stronger than before, and I am excited for the relaunch. By the way, their prices have changed a bit on their standard and premium packages, respectively. Their prices aren't affordable but it shows that they are giving you high quality services and value in return. Their packages are on a monthly basis, and it's around $497/month for Standard and $597/month for Premium. They do have reasonable prices because it shows them how quality and serious are they to deliver what the clients need.

Although we respect affordable ones, but most of them can't give the quality and delivery that you are really expecting for your business. If you are serious to do something that can make your business level up to the next one, don't go for something affordable. Even that this may cost you money every month, but it may give you biggest returns for your business. There was one guy whom I referred to them, and he claimed that his rankings, traffic and revenue got improved thanks to Virtual Helper 247. How much more if they're going to relaunch Virtual Helper next week! I can't wait for their features though, and I am proud of what Daniel and Nick has formed together to make this business bigger and better.

Should you consider Virtual Helper 247 in the near future?

It's because they are gonna help build your local and international business to the next level. They are not just an ordinary company full of virtual assistants, but rather something different and big than the other ones. I wish the best of luck for their company, and I am very proud that they finally made it to the top of the virtual assistance league for good.

By the way, here's the new official video of the redefined Virtual Helper 247 by Daniel Lew and Nick Bell:

Pretty sick video, huh? I really loved the video, and this is something that attracts local and international clients to jump on with their services, especially for the next week's launch. I'm looking forward to their business, and I can see that they will dominate this year.


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Congratulations Virtual Helper for the relaunch! Their site is definitely an interesting site to look at for business owners who need to outsource. Given their not so affordable rates, the services they offer should be that good and reliable.