Visions - Free Template for version 3.3! Have a look!

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I am pleased to offer this community a FREE template download for phpLD version 3.3 called Visions.

This is a multi color (optional) template that has been very well tested for phpLD v. 3.3 and runs very smoooth!!

There are many different colors and we put a few examples below.

PSD (logo) included!!

All we ask is that you keep our footer in place to show the love!!!

Custom design and mod work available upon request as well.

Visions for phpLD 3.3

Example Color

Another Example


Download HERE

You can purchase a Footer Removal Permission for $30.00 USD per template (Paypal only). PM Hunter1 to get the information.

We hope you enjoy!
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Great to see you are still releasing templates. You have released several very popular template. Nice work!


Yellow Belt
Do the template comes with the web directory script as well? Or just the template alone? As you can see, I am trying to locate some web directory script I could use to start a newly web directory submission site with a free nice looking template like that..
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