Neutral Voip Business Help. Need Your Help

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I need Huge server to start providing VOIP service and also looking a reliable place to order this.
My requirements are:
4 CPU, RAID 1, 3 Mbps, up to 90 ch...
300,000 must be included

One of my friends recommended, but I still hesitate to trust them or not.
Their pricing looks reasonable, but I would like to know other people attitude to them.

So, what are your views on this company? Yes or Not?


I can say YES! Softswitch24 is Trustworthy company and my business partner has been dealing with them for about 6 months and everything works fine.
You can contact their Sales and one of their sales managers will show you online how the actual system works and what it provides. You will be able to test the system with your equipment.


Yes, you can rely on Softswitch24 - it provides services on professional level.
The things which I like about them are:
- handling over 500 concurrent calls per each account;
- real-time traffic control and rerouting.
Their pricing looks reasonable.
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