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Tutorial Want To Manage Your Domain Quickly? Unbelievable But True!

Discussion in 'General Marketing and Promotion' started by rahuldas, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. rahuldas

    White Belt

    Jan 5, 2016
    +2 / -0
    Procuring a domain name is the easiest process. Is it? Well, it’s not that easy as it seems. The after-task involves a lot of managing and research before you finally go smooth. That being said, you need a good registrar, a good handling and a spam-free domain operation. So let’s have a look at how well you can manage your domain effectively
    First, choose a dependable registrar. There are hundreds of them out there waiting to give you the desired domain name. Check for their fees and decide accordingly. Many sites offer false services and may disable your domain based on false spam report. GoDaddy is one such site. Many people try out at NameCheap which is pretty good one. They offer good service and coupons which offers fabulous discount. Try not to use host servers as they give birth to unwanted complications later on. You may face stiff problem when you want to withdraw or change the domain.
    Second, choose the correct domain name. It may seem to be a cakewalk but in reality domain name holds the key for the popularity of your site. Go through the books to find the most suitable name for your domain. There are largely two categories of domain names. First, there is the keyword domain where keywords attract people and audiences. One should use clichéd keywords that people can relate to. Suppose your site is of an online reading portal. Then use keywords such as read, novel, books etc. Secondly, there are the branded domains. This is nothing but promoting your website through brand names. The domain name should be easy to spell and should not be too confusing. Find out the correct domain name for your site.
    Third, get your domain name registered. Go through all the rules and regulations before registrations. Misled information can lead to deactivation of your domain name and you may lose significant users. It is advisable to get yourself registered with a single registrar if you have multiple domains. This makes your work easier.
    Fourth, WHOIS protection. A tricky advice! Many people opt for this protection but many popular search engines such as google slap fines or complete restriction for your domain if you have your data hidden. People might also get repulsed if they find that information is in a hard cover. So make sure you have perfect balance between exposure and protection to make your domain lucrative.
    Fifth, registration length. You may register your domain according to your wish and time. But then don’t delay. If you register early you may also forget to renew it and that makes your domain incompetent. Popular search engines give impetus to websites which have longer registration period.
    Sixth, name servers. Now to make your domain available in the web space you need to set up name servers. This makes your domain available and connected to the servers. This provides the exact address of your domain.
    Seventh, domain parking. When you are not using your domain you may park it. This may fetch you little but uninterrupted money. There is a flipside to this coin. You can forward the domain name to the affiliated links and they will be handled carefully. But do make sure that you have regular visitors to your site for money to trickle in.

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