Warning of data ticking time bomb

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Yellow Belt
The growing problem of accessing old digital file formats is a "ticking time bomb", the chief executive of the UK National Archives has warned.

Natalie Ceeney said society faced the possibility of "losing years of critical knowledge" because modern PCs could not always open old file formats.

She was speaking at the launch of a partnership with Microsoft to ensure the Archives could read old formats.

Microsoft's UK head Gordon Frazer warned of a looming "digital dark age".

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Yellow Belt
So I have discovered.. I have a Zip drive the old iomega 100meg and can I find a way to open them with XP not one bit.

the sofware that came with the drive has not been updated to run on XP as the drive where replaced with the newer 250meg which can read / write to the old 100meg disks.

XP will open the 250/100 meg disks with the sofware for the 250 updated for XP so Im told.

I have to use an older PC running 98SE and send the files to myself via email then I can open them...

Mike :)
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