Tutorial Ways To Monetize Your Youtube Marketing Efforts


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Hello everyone!

I wonder how you guys and gals doing these days? Well for me, I would truly believe that you're doing great in terms of marketing your products and services once and for all. But I believe one of the methods you are doing in order to promote your products and services is no other than Youtube marketing. For the sake of others who don't know what Youtube marketing is all about, I would be glad to explain this to you. This is simply marketing anything using Youtube videos. Basically, you are going to create a product service or video, upload it to your Youtube channel, optimize and rank it to Google, and share it to various social media sites once and for all. Simple as that, right?

Maybe it's kinda simple for you to learn about this, but implementing them is kind of a different story. For me, implementing and taking action in doing Youtube marketing is not going to be easy, and expect that it's going to be challenging due to certain tweaks and tricks that can make your video convert very well for the viewers to highly appreciate it and check out the product or service you have by clicking on the link on your Youtube video's description. But in this article for today, I would like to discuss more about the effective Youtube ways that you can monetize your marketing efforts for good. But before I would reveal them, let me actually share about my experience in doing Youtube marketing back then.

I think in my previous thread before, I did share to you my experience in doing Youtube PPD (pay per download) marketing, but that was blackhat stuff. But for now, I would like to share the greyhat side, which is the safe side for myself. It was last year, and I was promoting Google apps and console games on PS4, XBox One and so on with paid link shortener called CoinURL. It pays through Bitcoins to be honest, and it seems to be a decent one for me. I did get an average of 40 to 80 clicks a day on the 70+ videos that I have in my gaming channel. Although I rip videos that are marked as Creative Commons, there are still some complaints from others that this is a rip-off, and it was taken down. Not only that some of my videos are taken down, but the entire channel as well after a month. But it was a learning experience for me, and I swear that I would become better this time, and I do have plans to create another gaming channel with all the knowledge and learning that I have in my first attempt.

I would like now to introduce you the most effective ways to monetize your efforts in Youtube marketing for good:

1. Affiliate products

So far, this is one of the common ways to monetize your Youtube marketing efforts. Basically, you are going to promote someone else's product in exchange of a commission. But in order to make this work, you need to put up a cloaked affiliate link on the video description. Although it is okay, but I advice that you should have a high quality landing page for your product. Make sure that the product matches the niche of your video.

2. CPA/PPD offers

This is an interesting way to make money with your videos. The good thing is that your viewers are not obliged to pay for anything when they click your CPA or PPD link. They simply enter their email addresses, zip codes, mobile pins, downloads, installs or so. I advice that when doing CPA or PPD marketing, try to create a video that is kinda relevant and hot right now.

3. Adsense

Google owns Adsense and Youtube, so you can monetize with them using their monetization program. Combining Youtube with Adsense is great, in which you can earn money when someone clicks your Adsense ads.

4. Paid link shorteners

So far, this is the easiest of them all, and I can tell you that from my own experience. Basically, you can cloak your links with paid link shorteners like Shorte.st, CoinURL, and so on. So far, this is one of the simplest ways to make money, in which viewers may only click on your paid link, and you will earn money instantly.

Have you finally learned something new about this tutorial that I have? If you have any questions or concerns, kindly let me know by replying on this thread. Cheers!


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I already have an experience with Adsense and I would to try the paid link shorteners as it sound simple and doable. Obtaining affiliate products is also promising but I think that in my level, I may have a difficulty having one product to endorse.