We want to set up private label marriage site for you at no cost!

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Dear webmaster,

We would like to work with you setting up Dating Site for Muslim Singles.

We can set it up for you at no cost if you have strong interest in this field or work-at-home business. You can pick up the name for your own muslim dating site, own the domain and brand. We take care of all the backend and engineering work. Also customer service work,

You don't have to worry that no one exists at your muslim dating site at the beginning. Your site will share hundreds of thousands of profiles with other muslim sites we have already set up. Your users can immediately contact hundreds of thousands of other muslim users once they register at your muslim dating site.

You can earn money if you can get users registering at your dating site. We have two options on payment. We will pay you $30 for each paid member or $1 for each profile( both paid and guest).

It is easy to get users visiting your muslim dating site by doing the followings:

1. Invite friends, friend s of your friends to visit it;
2. Write blogs on popular sites promoting it;
3. Create friend circle on some social networking sites to get to know more friends.;
4. Use business card, fly sheet to promote it when joining social activities;


If you are interested, Please send me a PM.

Marketing manager
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