Web Host Pricing?

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I'm a bit new to web hosting even though I have learned some things from my limited experience. I was wondering what some of the more experienced with the industry recommend as a price for services. Like what should set off warning bells in my head?


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Well Redraider, here is some of the advice that I commonly give. You're welcome to take it or leave it as they say. ;)
I think in most cases it holds true.

I recommend no less than a $0.50/GB transfer ratio to be safe. Honestly if it heads more towards $0.65/GB, I think you'll be a little better off. However, 'expensive' hosts can be just as bad as the cheap hosts in terms of poor service quite often, so there are exceptions. This is where you just have to do your research. Contact the company at various times, try to find real clients, and try searching everywhere you can for information.

As far as warning bells, just take a look when compared to other hosts. If you notice the pricing when compared with 2 or 3 or more other companies is much cheaper, then you might want to try and find out why and how so cheap. The old saying that if it's too good to be true than it probably is doesn't lie.  ;D
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