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Web hosting as we all are aware of is a very popular field in internet world and it is very essential that services which would be availed from the web host provider is checked and understood. Factors like cost, technical support, customer support, maintenance, security are very important. But, the most important of all is hosting control panels through which a client manages and controls his/her website(s). It should be updated and convenient to use having automated facilities which would save you time and extra money as well.

Many of the webs hosting companies in a race to provide better technical support than other are coming up with new softwares in terms of control panel like cPanel, Plesk, Sphera, Helm, Enism etc which help the clients in managing their websites to the T according to their own preferences.

Control panel is the most vital part of the services offered by the web hosting company and the quality of control panel also helps in deciding the standard of the web hosting companies. However, control panel alone should not be taken as the only criteria for deciding upon particular web host.

Control panel handles the activities like opening up and managing FTP account, email creation, statistical report etc. Control panel also are divided in to categories depending upon the platforms on which they can function smoothly. These platforms are further classified in to panels for Windows only and Linux only. Control panels which can run of both the platforms are also in use and are available.

Helm is one such control panel widely used by the web host companies and therefore clients to manage and operate their websites. It can be run only on Windows platform only and it contains many easy to use features and one of the most prominent of all is the facility of availing billing data. Most of the control panels otherwise do not provide these facilities, excluding few like H- Sphere. Helm can be easily maintained and comes with a very standard interface.

cPanel is the best among all the control panels available and is also the one of the most commonly used control panel. It has many features which are attractive and because of these easy to use and friendly elements it provides to its clients, it is most popular. It is inexpensive and uses Linux only as its platform. It is very economical and the charges per month are just 20$ per server.

cPanel has the capability to function along with many operating system and it is called now due to its viability and quality, a next generation management software application and website configuration. The GUI or the Graphical User Interface is very easy going and friendly and overall one can say this control panel is feature rich.

cPanel allows you to manage your site completely giving you total control in managing email accounts or may be add or remove them. It also helps you in operating and handling MySQL databases.

Interworx is another very competitive control panel available for the Linux only platform with a very presentable interface and it even comes with a feature which allows you to keep a tab upon up streams and even down streams.

DirectAdmin is one of the very easy to use control panel and comes with many features and is expensive as well with only 10$/server cost per month. However, it needs a bit improvement in terms of its interface and features when compared with other control panels available for Linux only platforms.

It should be noted here that there is one disadvantage of the control panels which can run only on either Linux or Windows as the loose the clients with opposite base requirements.

Plesk is the answer to this solution and it is widely used by people in this business as it can run on both Windows as well as Linux, with equal viability. It is a bit more expensive than other control panels as it functions in both the platforms and provides the clients with much needed flexibility. It has interface which is similar to Windows XP in presentation and other helpful features like website builder tool etc work hand in hand with this control panel.

Thus, in final analysis one need to understand what are their own preferences and requirements and according to that, search for the web hosting services which would provide a control panel which suits your requirements. There are many other extra features which are provided in this competitive market by the web hosting companies like free domain names, website management softwares, applications, tools which should be looked for better value for your money.


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Cpanel hosting panel is good its quite user friendly compare to others and its fast..the second you can go for the Plesk hosting panel its good..the final ranking you can choose the HELM or the Hspere..this are the basic panel



Hello to everyone at this forum.....I am really new at this and wish a good time to spend discussing


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I couldn't agree more. The cPanel is control panel of domain name user. the users are able to find all the tools about building a excellent website in cPanel. there are a lot of functions about cPanel. such as creating email account, managing all files, browsing all visit log statistics, adding subdomain , managing database, setting up folder protection password, managing hot link protection and so on.
It enjoys popularity so that many clients like to use it.


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Yes, Cpanel is the best control panel to manage and operate clients' websites . It enjoys great popularity among the control panel.


Thanks for sharing the info. I am really new at this and wish a good time to spend discussing


Cpanel is superb. It's very easy to use. Thanks for sharing such favicons.


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The two things that are very important when you want to host your website on some web hosting server. They are the registration of the domain name and the other one is how good your web hosting service is. As far as possible, the domain name should always be related to the content of your website.

However, before you start searching for a suitable web hosting service, you need to know the requirements of your website. It may happen that if you do not know the things which are required by your website, you might end paying for something which you really do not require.

To become successful instantly, you need to find a very dependable web hosting company. The online presence and the accessibility of a website is an added advantage. Or else, if you do not have a web host whom you can depend upon, will only make your job tougher and would not let you to completely concentrate on your online business.

There are man aspects, which one needs to consider while choosing or working with any particular kind of a web hosting company in order to avoid problems in the future.
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I don't think other panels have made that much progress and are as settled as Cpanel. I tried few like plesk, hsphere and helm yet Cpanel seems ahead.
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