My Suggestion Web hosting control panel - the right one makes a happy customer

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choosing a right host is very important

webhosting control panel is one of the feature or service provided by webhosting companies.

there r some best hosts which provides the best cpanel hosting.


control panel

It is a nice post on web hosting & control panel. I prefer c-panel.


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Great article

Great article, hey I stumbled on to this post while searching the web for random downloads. Thanks for sharing I'll email my friends about this too.


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cPanel has proven itself, and I totally agree, the right control panel can make or break a sale. It'll be easier for the customer to make a decision to buy when it's possible to migrate easily if the scenario comes.


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Yes, cPanel is a very user reindeer control panel. It makes it easier to manage the hosting account if you order a control panel along with the hosting plans. You can install various applications Word press, different O.S commerce shopping carts and many more. You can also monitor your website statistics using the Awstats / Webalizer Statistics, so you can keep an eye on the resources that are being consumed by your website.


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if you're fond of creating websites in the online why don't you use shared hosting or dedicated hosting. I know most Servers offer a Hosting with Control Panel so that you can have access your database, ftp, email, subdomain, Add on and etc.

They will provide you the following:

* limited / unlimited database
* limited / unlimited sub-domain
* limited / unlimited email address accounts
and so on....
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