My Experience Web Hosting Or Business Emails Are Equally Important To Your Product Sales

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
Before one wish to step ahead in the online business, the basic questions that comes in mind are :
Should i prefer to Web Hosting or business emails ?
Whether Web Hosting would make great impact or just having the business emails with single page description would be equally work for the business as it is just the start?

In any startup Web Hosting plays equally role as that is roled by business emails. Any one can not think of successful business just keeping the business emails or preferring to Web Hosting only.

Visitors when search anything on search engines, comes to the live website , and even if they reached the single page description, as mostly provided with domains and business emails plan, the website or the business name is not preferred. Even if we search for anything that we require, we would not refer to less or incomplete knowledge. Till the time, I am not satisfied with the services or description, I will not prefer visiting the business platform.

Web Hosting, make sure that you have well provided platform for the business to express and to provide as much stuff as you have, can update the things as per your requirements, can reach the visitors at their place and no doubt can get the name in the search engines with the trust to be on top preference when anyone search the name.

Business emails, are equally important and is the next basic things that is required to keep the business in place in regards to the requirements shared by visitors, feedback provided and the only point of contact anytime, everywhere, to everyone. If business emails are not given equally importance, business could be down due to lack of mean to order items or stuff on your website, to share the feedback in terms of customer satisfaction and as per the customers need.

What I have experienced being as Web Master, settling the business from start ups to the named after them, Web Hosting and business emails no doubt, increase the product sales, with the detailed description of the products, showing the reviews, number of counts available which can not be manage or told only if you have business emails,and even by getting the direct contact for selling your products to the visitors and improving the quality or adding more to your existing products with the help of orders provided and feedback shared using business emails.