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Word or mouth is one of the best ways to find good services on the Internet, for this reason we are urging webmaster serve users who has had good (or not so good) experience with a web hosting company to share their experience with other users.
To make it easy for your to share your web hosting excitement or woes, we have made a template available for you, just fill the template contents and post it.

Web Hosting Review Template V2.0
Uptime Guarantee

Size of company
- Small ?
- Medium ?
- Large ?
- How long has company been trading?
Domain Registration
- Price
- TLD and ccTLD offered
- DNS control
- Advanced DNS Control
- Domain parking
- Free domain with hosting package?

Hosting Services
- Share Hosting
- Virtual Private Server
- Windows Hosting
- Linux/Unix
- Reseller Option
- Additional IP address

Admin Control Panels
- Ensim
- Pleask
- Others

Email Option
- webmail
- POP3

- Email support
- Support desk response time
- Skills of support staff



Rate them out of 10
(1 being the lowest and 10 the highest)

Would you recommend them?
What is your relationship to the hosting company you reviewed? -
(Do you own the company, are you a customer, and ex-customer?)


Hi all, just want to share my personal hosting experience. I switched to 24hostingnow a month ago because of the very positive remarks I had read on the web. It is a very sturdy and strong company in the hosting business. They offer a large range of features for a very competitive price.


hello i too have an experience to share i have been using my hosting company for over 6 years now and they are the most coolest company ever having very good response time which is 24/7 and 365 having no downtime, you can also check it out at

if you disagree please get back to me

warm regards
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