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i am web site owner . I designed web site from web site design company.
The web site made in asp.net and back end sql.I want that people know my site so i decided to promote my site.I am looking cheaper web site promotion
Any idea?


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I have started a directory at Bungeebones.com and have been adding my link to other directories. But I am also offering an affiliate program

If you
1) add your website/directory to Bungeebones.com (FREE!)
2) add my link to your web directory
3) add your ID number* to the end of that BungeeBones.com url

then you will be a BungeeBones affiliate and will receive a 10% commission on any paid links sold from your site for the entire time they are a paid link.
I am thinking that since my link will be in your directory anyway (hopefully), this will provide at least a little bit of income for you from something that would have provided absolutely nothing otherwise.

* you get your ID number when you add your link on the BungeeBones.com website
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