Webmaster forums - there is engough on the web or do we need more?

Do you think the Internet need more webmaster forums?

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  • No more webmaster forums PLEASE

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  • More forums but not webmaster related

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  • There is more than enough forums on every topic

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Almost every webmaster seem to be starting a webmaster forum this day, do you think there is more than enough forum on the internet or do you think we need more forums?


I think that we need more forums. Yep it is true that are many forum on internet but this means that the internet is growing up and this is a good think. Now it's the ere of internet… so let's have as much forums as possible. The users will come.


We need more webmaster I'd say. The more the proliferation of the internet in the world the more is the dynamics of the problems and needs of the internet users. Many people have no idea what they are getting into when the decide to have a presence online until they get there.
What really counts now is how well the experience webmasters are able to break down the traditional jargons associated with this profession to a beginner. The more the merrier
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