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It's all about website Design!

vSplash Site builder is a unique web-enabling solution. It enables businesses and individuals to create highly interactive multimedia websites on the fly at a fraction of the cost in 3 simple steps. It is target-segmented and follows the mass-customized cookie-cutter approach, giving small businesses the opportunity to create and maintain dynamic web interfaces for themselves, which till-date was the preserve of large companies with big war chests.

Moreover, the most enticing reason for a consumer to use vSplash is the fact, that it brings solid industry-specific intelligence to small businesses. vSplash slashes the time, labor and expense of these tasks - saving time, money and energy is the heart of vSplash's value proposition.

vSplash Site builder is the first in a new class of next-generation, online Web authoring tools. Using graphical and visual metaphors, vSplash Site builder provides an intuitive initial customer experience, delivers unparalleled ease of use, and leverages vSplash unrivalled technology legacy to build robust business Web sites.

No two small businesses are alike. That's why vSplash Site builder provides a variety of pre-formatted templates and professional design styles to choose from. Customers can quickly select the appropriate structure, as well as a look and feel, for their Web sites. They can change promotional offers as often as they like, add and delete products or pages, and even implement online services to improve their site's performance-previewing changes as they go. Publishing updated pages is as simple as the touch of a button.

Server Customizations can tailor vSplash Site Builder to offer page templates, page layouts, site styles, image galleries, and wizards especially tuned to support your service offerings.

Site Styles provides a wide selection of professional styles to set a consistent visual theme. Quick Start Wizard provides a simple step-by-step process to build a site quickly. Wizards can be customized to present your branding. Text Editor makes it easy for customers to convey relevant information on their sites.

vSplash Site builder offers all the tools your customers need to customize their sites in an easy to understand environment where what you see is what you get.

The foundation of vSplash Site builder is a powerful platform - built from the ground up - based on open standards and modern technology. The platform's key strength is the ability to bring dozens of Web Services, from different providers, together in a way that lets ordinary small business users mix-and-match a solution that's right for their needs.

Developed for ISPs, telecommunications companies, hardware manufacturers, and major brands the platform offers their small business customers a complete e-business solution. And the ability to bundle Web Services gives partners a real advantage in crafting solution suites that speak to their customer's needs.

These intuitive site-building products give end users the ability to add Web Services to their Web sites without writing a line of application or HTML code or having to design a graphic.

Overall, vSplash makes it easy for ordinary business users to add complex application logic to their Web sites. Our partners and customers can choose from a variety of Web Services, spanning the range of user needs, from creating a professional image, customer relationship management, interactivity, tracking and monitoring, to e-commerce.

To know, WHY you should partner vSplash for the website building solution click here.

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