My Suggestion Website Vs. Social Networks - Which Is Better?


Social networks have had an outstanding impact on the business world. Among the most used is Facebook in the first place followed by networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest etc ...
The implementation of these networks is not only a channel of social communication but also have contributed to the improvement and development of businesses, they have become a platform for companies to have more frequent contact with their customers, At the same time, they interact by creating content that may be of interest to all of them.
But what happened then with the Websites? Is it even necessary for companies to develop or redesign their website? The answer without a doubt is yes. There are several reasons why despite the success of our company in social networks it is vital that you still consider your website.
For example, the advantage of a website is that in it, the company can have more control over the content and publications that are made there. While social networks are susceptible to any of their followers posting content that can greatly harm the reputation of the company, either through constant publications on complaints or some ill-intentioned defamation.
In addition, if a website has a flaw, the solution is much simpler to find compared to a social network, on a website it will be enough to talk with the developers of the site to know what is causing that problem, while, if a network social fails in any of its functionalities, there is no person who can help us identify the problem.
The website will always belong to us, we decide what information we can add and which one to modify or eliminate, we also control the design of the page and even the positioning we want in Google.
However, it is not about seeing which option suits us more, the important thing will always be in our strategies, if these are not well planned and properly focused, we will probably have many problems both in social networks and in the Web pages.
In summary, the greatest benefit of a website is that it is the strong link that supports all the information about your company, while social networks are responsible for giving greater dissemination to such information. The key is in the optimal balance that must be had between both tools since the correct conjugation of the same will be a factor of notorious success that will contribute to the growth of the participation in the market of the companies.
According to me, both things are very essential as you are competing for earning money in this competitive world. As business is your passion and to make an identity of it then you will need to go with various social networks for a great branding and promotion.


Yellow Belt
I think both! You need both of them to establish a strong brand name. You need to website to give your business a digital face and social media to let people know about your brand.