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Hello Forum,
My name is David J. Galich and I have been in the online game for about three years learning the ins and outs. I have come to find that it is easy but time consuming. I have recently just opened up my own web domain and have been working like crazy to promote it.

The site that I built was from scratch but I want to work on getting it set up with a membership site. Maybe I can find it here how to do that.

David J. Galich
DWDnet. 2007':eek:


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Hello David,
Welcome to webmaster serve, members of this forum have all sorts of experience so between us we should be able to assist you .

What sort of online games do you have on your site, something like the one at gamesareus ?
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Hey Davee, Welcome to the forum.

I am in rainy England where we have had the wettest six weeks since they started recording the weather. I was playing golf over the weekend and spent half an hour in a tropical downpoor, I have never been so wet in my life.
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