Help Me/Question What Are Inbound And Outbound Links?


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Outbound links start from your site and lead to an external site, while inbound links or backlinks, come from an external site to yours.



Inbound links are commonly known as "backlinks" These links are coming to our website from other website but sometime google penalize you for it too if you have poor quality and irrelevant backlinks pointing to your site. but as you have no control over them you cant control which sites point to your site.

Outbound links An other website linking from your site. You have full control on outbound links. These links can be no follow or do follow.


Inbound links starts from external website and its destination is our website commonly known as backlinks. whereas, outbound links are those links which start from our website and its destination is others website
An inbound link is a hyperlink back to your site from another Web site.
Outbound links start from your site and lead to an external site


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Inbound links are those that point to your domain from external webpages. These links bring in traffic and help to rank your keywords higher in search engines. Outbound links are those that point to external domains from your website pages. These links are responsible to take away link juice and also traffic away from your website. Therefore too many outbound links are harmful for your website.


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An inbound link is a link from one site to another site. If your company's blog included a link to an article on the HubSpot blog, HubSpot would be receiving an inbound link from your site.

Outbound links are also known as external links. It refers to those hyperlinks that point to any domain other than the source domain where the link exists on. It means if you click a outbound link it will take you to another specific webpage or website.
A recent SEO Study by Reboot shows that Outbound Linking is a powerful On-Page SEO Techniques and they do have a positive impact on SEO. When you offer good content with good and relevant External Linking, Google considers your site as a good source of information.
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Inbound links or commonly known as “backlinks” are the links pointing to your site and search engines whereas outbound links are links which is pointing to other websites from your website and you have more control over these links.


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Inbound Links

Basically, inbound links are the ones that are received by your site coming from another site. These serve as one great method of web navigation. In these days, these links are being used to enhance web traffic and achieve better search rankings. The quantity of inbound links is the manifestation of the importance as well as the popularity of your site.

Outbound Links

Outbound links are essential to your SEO campaign as well. These links come from your blog and site to another website. The purpose of these links is to bring your visitors and potential clients off your website to another site.