Help Me/Question What Are The Advantages Of Linked List As Compared To Array?

Doominic anderson

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Array is a linear data structure used to store similar data in memory,it contains n number of elements is referenced using index that varies from 0 to n-1.
Linked list is also a linear data structure,it linked list each node contains the data and the address of the next node.
What are the advantages of using linked list as compared to array?

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Both use the elements in successive order for memory allocation. But the difference between a linked list and an array is when an array stores one after another to store an elements, linked list may approaches its own list item, a double linked list is the best example of this.

steve taylor

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These are the following differences of linked list and an array :-
1. Array does not support dynamic data structure where as linked list is dynamic data structure.
2.Array stores the element in the continues memory allocation where as linked list spread the data over the whole memory.
3.Random access is possible on array where as random access is not possible in linked list.