Help Me/Question What are the advantages of using ssd vps hosting?


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I require your help regarding the choice of reliable host offering vps hosting plans.
Could anyone help me in comparison, I've found a ssd webhost and its ssd vps plans look attractive for me. I need about 30 gbs of space, 1 gb of ram and 450 gbs of bandwidth.

What host is better from your points? Why?


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As an alternative and better host, you can sign up with I've used their SSD VPS since October 2013 and so far I never had any outages or interruption. My blogs are running fast and smooth. The speed is 3x more compare to the leading hosts I have used. Support service is online 24 hours and usually responds in just few minutes and not hours. I am very impressed and satisfied with their servers.


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A good host will get back to you with in 1 hour (latest) if it takes them any longer cut them off your list because if your site goes down you should be able to reach them as soon as possible.
SSD-VPS has great number of advantages. With full root access you will be able to install all the necessary software and adapt almost all resources to your needs, as if your VPS was a dedicated server, but at the price of VPS.
VPS running on the SSD drive 5 times faster than the server on SATA disk.

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SSD VPS uses non volatile memory to store your data so that you will be able to access them even when the power is disconnected. SSD does not have to spin the platters like traditional hard drive to locate data so it is faster. SSD VPS hosting has a transfer rate that is 2 times faster and takes about 0.2 milliseconds when it is heavily loaded compared to 15-20 milliseconds in HDDs. SSD VPS hosting is ideal for large e-commerce sites where the loading speed is of essence to prevent customers from getting frustrated.