Help Me/Question What Are The Advantages Of Using Stored Procedures?

steve taylor

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The main advantages of the stored procedures are listed below:-

  • It provides greater security.
  • Decreased network traffic.
  • SQL command can be optimized so easy in use the SQL command.
  • Code sharing which reduce the overall work.
  • It have standardized processing .
  • There are specialization among developers.

Apart these if there are any more advantages are there please share them.

Prasoon Arora

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There are many pros and cons of using stored procedures. Stored procedures are compiled once and stored in executable form, so procedure calls are quick and efficient. Executable code is automatically cached and shared among users. This lowers memory requirements and invocation overhead.They provide Maintainability however, they are not portable. Stored procedures are cached on the server so provide speed.


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Main advantages of having stored procedure are:
1. Saves time
2. Save memory
3. Reuse of Code
4. Generalization and Specialization of Code
5. Already Tested code.
All these are the advantages of It.

Prasoon Arora

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Stored procedure have number of advantages in terms of execution and database security. Stored procedures are executed and compiled only one time and can easily be used as they becomes more faster when referred again in turn its results in low traffic and improves response time.