Help Me/Question What are the best adsense placement positions on a site

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According to some article and post, the best place for adsense placement on a site is upper right top corner of the page. Can everyone share is experience on adsense placement position. Which adsense placement position do you thing is the best for better result.


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I think if I would add adsense to my site I would start it with creating a site specific heatmap. It means that I would install clickheat and after identifying the hot spots I would add the code of the ads.


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Good answer Zoli it depends on the site. Google stats also gives you heatmap capabilities.



I think best place is just after or before content where visitors expect some links. I naturally don't click on adsense adds when visiting sites but in many cases when i complete reading a topic and expect some link for next action many times i made mistake and click on addsense links just after the content. In every cases addsense links was on a thin line so that i thought it is native site link.


i really agree with this opinion..uper right corener is really atttracting visitors


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I think it depends a lot on the website design. I have found the top left to be the best spot for highest click-thru rates on my blogs


I try to place my ads according to the Google heatmap, as much as possible ( ). It's a good idea to also do split testing, to find out what works best for your site.
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