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Indexing is a access strategy that allows to sort or search records in the table efficiently using the index column. In Indexing unique ROWID is assigned to each to row in a table.

Types of Indexes:
  • UNIQUE INDEX: It does not allow the duplicate value in the index
  • SIMPLE INDEX: Index created on single column of the table.
  • COMPOSITE INDEX: Index created on more than 1 column of the table.


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Indexing is used in the database for point out the data in the database easily. Ultimately with the help of index we can save lot of time Because index provide exact location of data in the database.
Normally there are two types of indexing used in the database -
  • Primary index
  • Clustered index.

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A primary index is an ordered file whose record are fixed length with two fields.
and in the cluster index, if record of file is physical ordered on non key field that does not have a unique value for each record.

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The different types of indexes are:

  • Unique - Guarantees unique values for the column(or set of columns) included in the index
  • Covering - Includes all of the columns that are used in a particular query (or set of queries), allowing the database to use only the index and not actually have to look at the table data to retrieve the results
  • Clustered - This is way in which the actual data is ordered on the disk, which means if a query uses the clustered index for looking up the values, it does not have to take the additional step of looking up the actual table row for any data not included in the index.
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