Help Me/Question What Are The Different Types Of Issues To Be Considered In E-commerce?

saurabh mathur

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The different types of issues and problems related to e-commerce are :-

  • Legacy problem
  • Space problem
  • Stateless servers
  • No dynamic web pages
  • Programming and abstraction
  • Speed of development

sophia jan

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Here are some f issues to be considered in E-commerce -

1. You should have good payment gateway which can accept the all type of payments.
2. E-commerce website should have the correct information product with features.
3. Product view should be clear and informative.
4. If there is any discount hen it should be clear.
5. Product which you are displaying on web-site and which you are actually going to hand-over should be same. There should not be any mismatch in quality and size.
6. TOS (Terms of services) should be clear.
7. Always add the product review on your website for best sale.
8. There should be proper security measures so customer's payments card details should not get disclosed and their account should be safe. So you should have proper security on the site.