Help Me/Question What Are The Roles Of File Manager And Disk Manager?


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The various functions performed by File manager are:
  • It is responsible for maintaining files and its structure.
  • It takes the query from the data manager, locates the block containing the requested record, then it interact with the disk manager requesting for the block. Once the block is obtained, it will pass the block to the data manager.
Various roles performed by disk manager are:
  • Disk manager is the part of the operating system.
  • It is responsible for all the input/ output operation.
  • It will provide the blocks requested by the file manager.

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File manager manage the allocation of space on the disk storage and the data structure used to represent information stored in disk. disk manager is to handle the input and the output process.

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DBA is the person or the group in charge for implementing DBMS in an organization. The main function of DBA are:-

  1. Makes decision concerning the content of database.
  2. Plans storage structure and access strategies.
  3. Provides the support to users.
  4. Defines security and integrity checks.
  5. Interprets backup and recovery strategies.
  6. Monitoring the performance and responding to changes in requirements.

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