My Experience What Are The Various Design Issues Of E-r Diagrams?


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1.Whether to use Entity Set or Attributes: treating something as attribute state that the entity has only 1 telephone number whereas treating telephone as a separate entity state that the person could have multiple telephones.

2.Whether to use Entity set or Relationshio set: Using relationshio set states that each person can only take 1 kind of loan, whereas making it as an entity set depicts that many people can take multiple loans.

3.Binary Vs. N-ary relationship set: use of binary is good as it is possible to store even the partial information.

Manish Mishra

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This is another way to explain how a program will execute. These could be used as one of the important phase to develop a bigger software that goes to many phases to implement.
flow chart, algorithm and E-R model is one of that defines how it can be executed in steps.

Swati Mishra

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E-R model is represented in E-R diagram. Any object for example entity and its attributes and relationships in between them can be represented with the help of E-R diagram.