Help Me/Question What Are Three Ways To Reduce Page Load Time?


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  1. Use a quality host. I just moved away from Hostgator to WPEngine
  2. Compress your images
  3. If using Wordpress, install a site optimization plugin

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  1. In your HTML use CDN, which will make sure the request is not hit to your server rather a well distributed fast CDN.
  2. Design the API to the server so that there are less number of http/https calls to a server.
  3. Do not use loads of JS libraries. ie if you can mange with plain ES code no need to use libraries like underscore.js . Minimum number of libraries to download from the server will make the page load faster.
  4. Try to design and implement SPA (Single Page Application), So that user need to not load content multiple times.
  5. If you want faster partial page refreshing, use framework like ReactJS, which uses virtual DOM to make sure it updated DOM at the minimal to serve the request.

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Comprehensive code
JS and CSS should be compact
Small size pics should be used or compressed images should be used
1. Use XML and Html sitemap for the listing of the different page on one place so that speed of ur website remains maintain
2. keyword and content ratio should be balanced
3. Remove unwanted unnecessary file and images


Here is the best way to reduce page load time:-
Minimize HTTP requests

Minify and combine files

Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files

Defer JavaScript loading

Minimize time to the first byte

Reduce server response time

Choose the right hosting option for your needs

Run a compression audit

Enable compression

Enable browser caching

Reduce image sizes

Use a CDN

Use external hosting platforms

Optimize CSS delivery

Prioritize above-the-fold content (lazy loading)

Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site

Reduce redirects

Reduce external scripts

Monitor your speed over time

Monitor mobile page speed

and many more......


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  1. Check the Current Speed of the Website. ...
  2. Optimize Your Images. ...
  3. Don't Scale Down Images. ...
  4. Compress and Optimize Your Content. ...
  5. Put Stylesheet References at the Top. ...
  6. Put Script References at the Bottom. ...
  7. Place JavaScript and CSS in External Files.