What constitutes a quality lading page?

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What should be in a quality landing page?
If you do not have your landing page well optimised you are not just squandering you hard worn traffic if you use SEO methods to generate trffic, you are wasting your site. If your traffic is generated by PPC then you just waiting your money.

So, what constitute the right landing page? what should you have on your landing page to help you convert traffic?


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Well the most important point in landing page is your page must grab a visitors attention.Your landing pages should designed so the headline is first thing a user sees upon landing.Keep your pages fresh by publishing RSS feeds from within the site - product lists, latest articles,- all based around that keyword niche.We also need to ensure that we use varied anchor text to all targeted pages. By combining good content with good links, we can leverage Landing Pages not simply for ranking for primary targeted keywords, but also for major targeting of Longtail search based around our keywords.
The quality of your landing page is one of the most important factors that dictate whether you are able to convert once readers to potential customers. One time a reader clicks on a link in your resource box, you are showing confidence in you that you will deliver quality information on the target page.


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content should be logically organized and easier for the visitors to go to the purchase or download pages. Authentic call for action conversion forms help the cause positively and if linked to secure payment/download sites, it is even better.


Well the most important point in landing page is your page must grab a visitors attention.
Everything you said past this point is bullshit.

You can have picture of flower and name of the site and achieve more than you will ever know.

Sometimes ago Ford Company dealership bought 2 pages spread in news paper and all they have had put on a bottom of second page was: Ford cars don't need advertising!

Next day their sells jumped 300%


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The quality landing page is the one with maximum conversion rate.
It might be the home page, or product review or about us page, depends on the product and the visitors you are trying for.


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Make sure the page loads quickly to start off with! You don't want all your SEO work undone and people leaving your site as soon as they get there as your site is too slow.

Also make sure there is plenty of content and is easy to read and navigate.


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Quality Landing Page in Affiliate Marketing

A Good Landing Page has to be relevant, i.e. If you advertised "high comission for new affiliate program", the landing page should state the comission % and sign you up, instead of mentioning everything but the comission.
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