Help Me/Question What do you look for in a host?

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I would like to gather information from the members of this forum about the things you look for in a web host?



There are many host provider and selecting the right web hosting provider can
be a difficult business decision..How to select a web host should be based
on a number of factors.

How much space and bandwidth do you require?
What is your monthly budget?

Once you finalize the upper part, then next is to chose the correct hosting
provider. First of all search for top ranking hosting providers, short list them.
Then check out there support through live-chat ( here you can experience the
actual service ). And later on decide the one as per your requirement.

Besides this >>>
Server uptime guarantee
24 / 7 support through live chat as well as ticket system
Issue / problem resolution and response time
Server security

Best of luck!
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In market many host providers are available but choose the best one for the web hosting provider.
also he disk space and the bandwidth is also important for the web traffic, how much domain allowed by provider, cpanel is there or not , uptime for server, one of the important pOP3 mail.

all this important things while choosing hosting service.


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I agree that a person should research the company reputation by searching for available reviews about them. However, to be more specific, I am trying to gain more information about the features or resources that web hosting consumers usually look for in a host.
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It's always a good idea to check the connectivity. Ask for a test IP that you can ping to see latency from different locations.


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Here are what I look for in a hosting company:

- Up time guarantee (99% up time means your site could be offline or 5 days in a year).
- SLA (Service Level Agreement)
- Actually test our their services level agreement for example support response time
- Pricing, is it fair? (If a host is too cheap, I don't go for it, if its too expensive, I don't buy from them either).
- Genuine value for money with no gimmicks? (If a host is offering me loads of stuff, I will be suspicious, for example 1 and 1 are always offering you all this expensively seeming software, I want hosting not software for my PC).
- Reputation - What are others saying about the host? does most users seem satisfied?
- Past experience with the company. FOr example I will never use or Fasthosts, I know both hosting companies are now owned by new owners but I have had very bad experience with those companies so they are a tarnished brand as far as I am concerned.
- Flexibility - For example can I keep my domain name with a different company and my host with you? some hosting companies insist you transfer your domain name to them, I will not buy from such company.



I have consider some below mentioned points while selecting for host.
# Technical support available 24/7 by email and phone
# Free upgrade to 100Mbps port when needed
# Dedicated KVM over IP.


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Most people will naturally look at cost first, but that can vary greatly depending on exactly what type of hosting solution you need. A shared server will be much cheaper than a dedicated server, so it is not fair to compare the two. In addition to price, uptime, support, customer service, hardware, reputation and history are all obviously important to consider.


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but that can vary greatly depending on exactly what type of hosting solution you need. A shared server will be much cheaper than a dedicated server, so it is not fair to compare the two..
I quite agree with choopamatt's argument about comparing like with like. Perhaps HostMID should expand the question by asking?

What do you look for in a shared hosting?
What do you look for in a dedicated server?
What do you look for in a managed dedicated server?

Quite a few of the answer will be the same but some differences will exist between various hosting products.


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Basically, a good web host should give 99.9% uptime with good connectivity and most importantly, they should have 24/7 support. That way if you ever have any issues, you can have them rectified quickly.


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ya agree with you guys it depends on the hosting plan and also what you require. You need to lookout for the bandwidth, technical support avalibility and upgrade. Always check user feedback for reliable web hosting company.
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