What do you look for when buying a pc/laptop?

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Bionic Woman

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I have to check that it is suitable for gaming so that my son can share it with me. I also need office programs so that I can do my coursework too.

Anything else that the pc has is a bonus.

When I was looking for a pc just before christmas last year I was going to buy a Compaq pc as I try to go for a good name, and it also had AMD Athlon processor but it wasn't in stock so I got the Ei system but only because it has parts that are made by HP, so I was told.

I wish I had waited though.


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The cpu speed,

Hard drive,


if it's generic, the motherboard manufacturer (I like Asus, SuperMicro, ....)


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Speed and the manufacturer of the machine

Also big hard drive, plenty of memory and a good graphics card.
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