Asking Advice What Do You Prefer Big It Companies Or Startups?


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I am working in IT company and i also have offers from startups , Even they are paying more but there is no job security in startups as we all know. So i am in big confusion that what to do. What do you prefer more?
Not all startups are bad, But somehow it's a fact You should know their business and how long they are in that, Know their achievements, More over see management if they already have some other business or they started career with that. After knowing you will decide which is to continue.

Pooja Sharma

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All start ups do not require much capital. If it is a small scale start up then there is no need to go towards big IT company because you can be your own boss for a business which in future is going to grow for sure. Big IT companies can be opted when you don't have enough capital for a start up and you can work for some stability. IT companies pay you goood and you can make a good career here but I would prefer start up.

Prasoon Arora

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I would prefer you to stick to the IT brand that you are working for. I believe in accepting changes but with sense. You may or may not achieve with start ups, but IT company that you are working have polished you and have provided you the stability.
If you really wish to grow you may change the way you are working for your company or you may also have other options available inside the company (other process or projects) which maintains your tenure period and value which you may not maintain with start ups.

niranjan kumar

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It's a little risky but you can manage, first i think you can offer your new company for you want to work with they, but not for full time as part time in few salary. Either you can fill up your current company rules for leaving and join new job.