What do you use for programming ?

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I never trust programs to write code for me. I prefer write code myself, the manual way although I seek help when I need. By the way, I use both textpad and notepad++ to write up my code (different computers - different program installed). They're both great at highlighting syntax. TextPad isn't free however you can download their free trail and use (it does not expire but when opening the program, there's a notice reminding you that it's the free trail).


I do all my development on Linux and simply use nano - a command line editor. That really is all you need, its similar probably to Notepad but text based, not graphical.


it is an not big deal as soon IDE have intellisense, support project files, auto format code, highlight code, do not take much disk place on install


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For Programming I would prefer to use Notepad++. It is quite great and amazing way to get write a code easily. I have created a lot of website through notepad++.


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Notepad++ is quite really helpful to use for the programming language. It help me to get known about the errors and function attributes.
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