Help Me/Question What Do You Want In A Shopping Cart?

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Several years ago I developed a shopping cart for a site called Handmade Presents, the shopping section of the site can be found at wool and felt shop . The shop owner now wants the shopping cart upgraded and she has a list of features she would like in the new cart.

I am thinking of also releasing the new cart as a free open source shopping cart. If you are an online shop owner or would like to start an onlne shop one day, what are the features you will like in your online shop?



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Easy Site Navigation, Big Thumbnail for Product Picture, Support Multiple Payment Processor and Currency. Also advanced search option (must be accurate).


  • shopcartindex.html This is the main frames page.
  • navigate.html This is the page that appears in the left-hand frame.
  • welcome.html This is the page that appears in the right.
  • pageone.html This is the first page of items.
  • pagetwo.html This is the second page of items.
  • pagethree.html This is the third page of items.
  • order.html This is the page that appears when you ask to review your order.

  • This is everything in a Zip file.
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